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This is why people like you and me need GoTime

A true short story from GoTime’s founders.

We have been doing turnarounds and sales and culture jumpstarts for many enterprise and Fortune 500 level (and a ton of startups, and small and medium sized companies and nonprofits) for a bit over 20 years now.

Over these 20 some years we also noticed there were a lot of unhappy entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and employees out there. We also noticed that we were not has happy as we ‘should’ be.

We observed over the years that people that were happy…were a lot more knowlegeable, productive and successful than those who weren’t.

These happy folks just seemed inspired to do a great job and actively make their workplace a better place. What’s more, many of them (the happiest ones) were also actively involved inside and outside of their workplace making the world a better place.

Here is the cool part – what we discovered through our work is that the more effort we put into creating the conditions* that made people happy…the better everything went for the organization in every area we could think of measuring. *Note: these conditions are likely not what you think they are…but that is another story for another time.

Here is the cooler part – the better the organization did, the more people it employed, and the more likely it was to give back to the community (and the world in general).

We knew from experience that becoming healthy, happy, and professionally successful is something we could reliably guide people through. On the other hand, we also knew the 2 of us couldn’t help very many people and make a big dent in the universe if it was just us.

Hmmmm – what if we partnered with top: thought leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, working professionals, experts, academics, doctors, and researchers? Answer – we could actually pull this off!

…and if the world became a better place because of it…why wouldn’t we do it? No reason…

….so we decided to dedicate the rest of our professional lives to an online educational movement that would simply help people build a life worth living.

A life worth living – to achieve our goal of helping people (like you) genuinely pull of “a life worth living” we needed to enable you to meaningfully address 3 areas in your life. Specifically, we needed you to end up:

  • Being happy and healthy.
  • Making an enjoyable living (as a business owner, executive, manager, or an employee).
  • Giving back, making a difference, and doing your part to make the world a better place!

The challenge – to pull this off we needed to actually educate you and provde you with some motivation (and it needed to be affordable for everyone).

In short, we needed knowledge transfer to genuinely occur. You needed to come away with the mindset, toolset, and skillset in all 3 of those areas mentioned above…or you wouldn’t end up with a life worth living.

The problem – we couldn’t find a solid model to make this work online. The online education system that was (and still is) out there didn’t (and doesn’t) deliver what we want. The dominant model seems like a bit of game that you can’t easily win to us.

The game – you have seen it (or even experienced before) and the game sounds something like this: “read or watch some of my my free content, buy something inexpensive from me so that you’ll start to know, like, and trust me…then buy my 4-8 week course and I’ll throw in some other courses and a private Facebook group (if you buy NOW!) for either $497, $997 or $1997”. You sign up. You don’t get the results you want. You are told the problem is you haven’t done the work and bought the next program. Seen or experienced that before?

A better way – We thought, what if we deliver an abundance of great education and coaching from top experts, educators, executives, thought leaders, academics, doctors, entrepreneurs, neuroscientists, and researchers (i.e. on how to be happy and healthy, make an enjoyable living, and make the world a better place) and provide you with regular personalized live coaching all for highly econmical price (i.e. currently $38 USD per month) and you can cancel whenever you want?

That’s how and why we created GoTime – The one-stop online training resource for building a life worth living.

If you like what you just read – become a GoTimer today. Trust us. We were (and in many cases still are) actually in your shoes.

Bjorn Alpas and Kim F. Hoyer – Co-founders of GoTime Learning.