Dr. Jennifer Fraser

A highly trained critical thinker, she questions the status quo. With a PhD in Comparative Literature, Fraser brings together different discourses such as literature, journalism and psychology in order to examine a host of key social issues.

Dr. Fraser is the host of the End Bully & Stop Abuse In Sports Summit on GoTime. It is free to attend and the online event begins February 5, 2018. Join us for the free online summit by clicking here.

Recent Speaking,
& Books.

Recent Speaking Engagements

National Principals’ Conference in Philadelphia

Association for Co-Operative Education in BC and the Yukon

Association for Middle Level Education Conference in Philadelphia

National Alliance for Youth Sports Conference in Orlando


Recently In The Media

Featured in “Teachers’ bullying scarred us, say student athletes ” (TorontoStar link), quoted on the WashingtonPost.com (link), interviewed on SiriusXM FC, interviewed on the Changing the Game Project podcast (link)

Recently Published Books

Teaching Bullies tells the story of fourteen high-school students who came forward with detailed testimonies about what they were suffering at the hands of their teachers on the basketball court. How they were treated by school administrators, lawyers and educational authorities is cause for serious concern and reveals that the last bastion of accepted abuse may well be sports.

Investigative journalist Paige Munroe still has nightmares about her partner’s death in Syria. Seeking a distraction, she secures a safe assignment: writing and photographing a book about a hot new wine region in British Columbia. But when she goes against her better judgement by getting involved with winemaker and smuggler Nicholas Alder, her world is turned upside down as the danger she sought to forget comes rushing back with brute force.

Elaborate preparations are underway for a state visit by young Queen Elizabeth II. But when a brazen art robbery leads to an RCMP officer being shot just days before her arrival, concerns for the Queen’s safety arise. RCMP investigator Kent Riley is brought in to solve the case but every step Riley takes to protect the Queen draws him back into his conflicted past, and into his deadly, childhood friend Flynn Dolan’s grasp. In the end Riley must choose between duty and loyalty, knowing either path will end in betrayal.

In the modern era, children experiencing grief were encouraged to dry their tears and ‘be good soldiers.’ How was this phenomenon interrogated and deconstructed in the period’s literature? Be a Good Soldier initiates conversation on the figure of the child in modernist novels, investigating the demand for emotional suppression as manifested later in cruelty and aggression in adulthood.

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